The application of informational and communication technologies in education

It is just unacceptable to use inefficient, outdated learning technology, which exhausts both the student and the teacher in the school of the 21st century. New information technologies are designed for all the knowledge seekers and those who love to learn and explore something new, for those who care about the level of their professional competence. In this regard, teachers from our school use the most innovative technologies in the learning process in order to make it easier and more interesting for students. Click here to enroll your kid to our school.

Our school is equipped with all the necessary facilities for effective learning: present day computers with LCD monitors, free WiFi zone in all the class rooms and even corridors. We rent only the latests models in order to keep up with rapidly improving technology and replace LCD monitors and computer units once a year. This helps us to keep on providing educational process of the highest level in terms of limited financial resources.

What is the task of every teacher of our school?
Each teacher must posses high computer skills and be able to use a computer in everyday learning just like a pen or piece of chalk. Computer becomes a methodical addition to the educational process, which compensates for the lack of visual aids.

Our school successfully implements the program of informatization, which aims to create the conditions for the application of modern computer technology in the educational process, improve information culture of its participants and form a common educational environment. Access to the technological level of the educational process design and implementation allows the teacher to be highly qualified specialists and greatly enhances the role of the teacher and opens new horizons for the development and creativity.

Thus, we consider a technology of education as a system category, focused on the didactic use of scientific knowledge, scientific approaches to the analysis and organization of educational process that takes into account the empirical innovations aimed at achieving high results in personal development of the students. Our educational technology is a well thought-out model of joint activity of the teacher and the student in designing, organizing and conducting educational process with simultaneous ensuring absolutely comfortable conditions for them.

Beverly Campbell for EasyHome about the terms to rent an LCD for a long period.

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