When will EA-academy.org open?    Fall 2008

Are uniforms required?  Yes.  Our school has a specific dress code that will need to be followed.  For information on this, please see student handbook.

Is there school lunch?  No.  The first year there will be no cafeteria.  Home lunch will be required.  It is our goal to provide lunch in the future, however.  We hope by the second year.

Are there any fees?  There are no required fees, however EA-academy.org gladly accepts family donations.   There may be fees for 7th and 8th grades, in year two.

How can I make a donation?  Call our “contact us” information number or click here

Where is the school going to be located?  Ballard

Is there transportation (bus) services?  No.  Parents will be required to bring their children and pick them up before and after school.  PTO will be putting together a carpool option for those who are interested.

Is there tuition?  No.  This is a free public school.

May a charter school limit its enrollment to certain students?

No.  A charter school is part of the public education system and must be open to all students, without discrimination, on the same basis as other public schools.   If the number of students applying to enroll in a charter school exceeds the capacity of the school or of programs, classes, or grade levels within the school, then those to be admitted are chosen at random from among the applicants, subject to certain preferences:

Mandatory preference. If a public school converts to charter school status, students who would have attended the public school must be given preference in enrollment.

Optional preference. Preference may also be given to the following:

  • Students whose parents were actively involved in the development of the charter school, or who have a brother or sister currently attending the charter school.
  • Students who reside within the school district where the charter school is located.

Are charter schools subject to the same laws and regulations as other public schools?

As a general rule, yes.  Laws and regulations relating to religion in the schools, school fees and tuition, health and safety, civil rights, annual reports, prohibitions against advocacy of unlawful behavior, screening of potential employees or volunteers for competency and fitness, and most other matters are the same for both charter schools and other public schools.  The State Board may waive any of its rules for a charter school or other public school, if the school applies for a waiver and the State Board finds that the waiver would not violate applicable law or cause harm to students or the school.

A charter school is exempt from existing negotiated agreements relating to the hiring, employment, and dismissal of employees.  A charter school’s governing body may determine the level of compensation and the terms and conditions of employment for its employees.  Charter schools may only employ educators who hold valid teaching certificates or who meet State Board requirements for alternative certification or authorization.

How are charter schools held accountable for what they do?

A charter school must make the same annual reports as other public schools, including an annual financial audit and monthly budget report.  Additionally, the charter school must participate in the statewide testing programs. Charter schools submit all reports to the Utah State Board of Education.

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