Requirements set to a faculty staff

Anyone who chooses the profession of a teacher takes a responsibility for those whom he/she will train and educate at the same time being responsible for himself/herself, his/her education and a right to be a teacher. Today, such a choice and decent performance of professional duties require a person to make a number of commitments.

Firstly, it is necessary for every person to objectively assess the potential as a future teacher, know his/her weaknesses and strengths as well as relevant to this profession qualities (especially self-regulation, self-esteem, emotional manifestations, communicational and teaching abilities).

Secondly, a future teacher should possess a common culture of intellectual activity (thinking, memory, perception, representation, attention), culture of behavior and communication in particular.

Third, the teacher must respect and understand the students. The students must be understood and accepted regardless of whether they have the same values, behaviors and believes. It also required to know psychological mechanisms and age-specific patterns of behavior and communication.

Fourth, the teacher must be the organizer of learning activities of the students and their cooperation at the same time acting as a partner and facilitator of pedagogical communication.

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